Study Tours

Are you ready to love your Gothenburg experience?
Join us during one of the study tours that will be organised the day before and the day after the conference (Monday 8th and Friday 12th June 2020). We will have Technical Tours and Nature Tours. Choose your own and make sure you book it, by including it in your registration.

Open your eyes, breath and… have fun!

Technical Study Tours | 3 tracks


technical study tour | Gothenburg, Sweden
Monday 8 June / Friday 12 June 2020
price: 500 SEK/ person excl. VAT 

How will we live in the future? // How will our houses and offices be built and look like? // How will we cook, use water, have a meeting, take care of the elderly people, dispose of our waste? // What if there will be no space to park our car? // What if we will not have a car at all?

Some features of what we call ”future living” are a reality today in Gothenburg, where several living and working labs are populated and used by real people in a sustainable way.

New concepts of living, (re)using energy, moving around, doing the laundry or enjoying a fika* with your colleagues are here for you to see with your own eyes.

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You’ll go back home with new eyes and a lot of stories to tell!

*Swedish term for a coffee break

MOBILITY · track #2

technical study tour | Gothenburg, Sweden
Monday 8 June / Friday 12 June 2020
price: 500 SEK/ person excl. VAT 

“I don’t think we should try to make space our own. I believe that as modern people we should live in mobility. We should always be moving”. [cit. Yohj Yamamoto]

Mobility is being redefined by individual and collective evolving needs. The need for transportation of people and goods is increasing rapidly, alongside one of the biggest trends of the 21st century: urbanization.

But sustainable urban mobility requires a mind shift. Everyone’s mind shift. Are you up for the challenge? Ready to change your own habits when going from A to B?

Come and see how people and things move around in Gothenburg. Test yourself how silent an electric bus is or how safe (and still exciting!) is to be transported by a self-driving vehicle.

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You’ll never move around in the same way again!




technical study tour | Gothenburg, Sweden
Monday 8 June / Friday 12 June 2020
price: 500 SEK/ person excl. VAT 

By the year 2035 Gothenburg will double in size // welcome 1,75 million people (in the region) // offer them 105.000 new homes // and 120.000 new jobs

Until the year 2035, 100 billion EUR will be invested in property developments and infrastructure. The opportunities for investors and actors in urban development and construction are tremendous.

Explore with us the districts of Gothenburg, observe major building and infrastructure projects happening around you. Learn how the old docks were transformed into a high-tech business centre and how such a compact city is planning to manage this giant expansion while becoming even more interconnected. And on one condition: to do all this in a truly sustainable way.

Is Göteborg the place for you?

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Be inspired by this deep desire to look at the future and smile at it!

Nature Study Tours | inland & water

NATURE · inland // Gotaleden

nature study tour | Gothenburg, Sweden
Monday 8 June / Friday 12 June 2020
price:1.100 SEK/ person excl. VAT 

Det finns inte dåligt väder. Det finns bara dåliga kläder.
[Bad weather doesn’t exist. There are just wrong clothes]

Arm yourself with the spirit that this Swedish saying brings along and get ready to be immersed in the widest, most beautiful nature. Swedes are well-known for their close relationship with their beloved and sacre nature and we would like you to feel like a Swede for a day.

We can not book the sun for you, not even secure you much warm temperatures. But we can offer you breath-taking views, forests and lakes. More forests and more lakes. And good coffee.

Join us in your walking shoes & “right” clothes and experience the amazing, green inland surroundings of Gothenburg.

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Make room in your backpack: you will have a lot to take home.

NATURE · water // Marstrand

nature study tour | Gothenburg, Sweden
Monday 8 June / Friday 12 June 2020
price: 1.490  SEK/ person excl. VAT 

Clean water.
Blue water.

Since its founding, Gothenburg has always had a central focus on water. The city is surrounded by water, was built on water and gets a lot of water from the sky when it rains. And it rains a lot! Water is an important part of life in Gothenburg, to the extent that Water Sensitive Urban Design is integrated in any city development.

Plus! The city also has the ambition to get better livable when it rains. There is even a playground that becomes extra fun when it’s raining.

If you are in Gothenburg, then you certainly want to get in touch with its water. See it, navigate it, feel it. Maybe swim in it, you are brave enough.

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Experience water. Bring your water bottle. And your swimsuit.
A swim is never too far when you are in Gothenburg!


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