Catarina Canas

Architect and Urban Planner | Design Director, PTW, Vietnam

Catarina is an architect and urban planner with 21 years PQE gained on the design and delivery of numerous notable, award-winning projects for 3 Pritzker Prize Laureates: the Dutch OFFICE FOR METROPOLITAN ARCHITECTURE, the Japanese SANAA and the Swiss H&deM.

She works worldwide across multiple building types, sectors, scales and procurement routes. Casa da Música Concert Hall in Oporto; CCTV HQ in Beijing; Prada Epicenters in SF and LA; The Interlace in Singapore; The Mahanakon in Bangkok; SANAA’s Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne and VAG in Vancouver are some of the projects which epitomize her commitment to well-conceived and thoughtfully-detailed architecture for forward-thinking stakeholders.
An avid practitioner, researcher, and scholar in equal measure, she also contributes to Arts & Cultural projects,reference publications and is a guest lecturer and critic at Chalmers University.