Volker Buscher

Director | Chief Data Officer at Arup

Volker Buscher is Arup’s Chief Data Officer, member of the Group Board Digital Executive, with responsibility for developing the data solutions to support Arup wide automation, services and products. A Project Director for public and private sector clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, US and SE Asia.

Volker has experience as a non-Executive Director through his work on advisory boards including the Smart London Board advising the Mayor of London, the Smart Cities Forum advising UK Ministers for Cities and Technology, together with advisory roles for ISO, BSI, Digital Economy Catapult and the Canary Wharf Cognicity program.
Thought Leadership and keynote talks cover his global work in the digital built environment. He is the Course Director of Arup University masters level course in Smart Cities, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Volker is the co-chair for the Arup Foundation sponsored “Digital Cities for Change (DC2)” programme at Cambridge University, acts as an industrial supervisor for several engineering doctorates and as industry reviewer for research programs in Singapore.