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The purpose of these sessions is to give visibility to exceptional projects, case-studies, initiatives and innovations that contribute to the creation of a sustainable built environment in different parts of the world as well as share lessons learnt resulting from them.

Up to five case studies, grouped according to the specific topic they refer to (see our topics here), will be presented in a 90-minutes showcase session, followed by Q&A and a discussion.

Please note that one presenter can deliver max. 2 presentations during the conference. We expect a high level of competition for the few available spots we have. 

When selecting showcase proposals for inclusion in the conference programme, the BEYOND 2020 Organising Committee will pay attention to the quality of the applications, their general alignment with the thematic objectives of the conference, and the overall variety of sessions in terms of thematic focus and geographic spread.


Please, choose a topic you would like to contribute to:
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BEYOND 2020 Organising Committee is collecting proposals until 15th March 2020. Evaluation will roll continuously, and the best proposals will be admitted into the conference programme. We will get back to you on the e-mail address provided, once your proposal has been reviewed.