Tell us about your inspiring sustainable built environment project and what can be learnt from it!


The purpose of these sessions is to give visibility to exceptional projects, case-studies, initiatives and innovations that contribute to the creation of a sustainable built environment in different parts of the world. At the same, the objective of the SHOWCASE sessions is to dive into the lessons learnt resulting from the projects presented, as well as to discuss the possible open questions with international experts in the built environment.

Up to five case studies, grouped according to the specific topic they refer to (see our topics here), will be presented in a 90-minutes showcase session, followed by Q&A and a discussion.

In total up to 14 showcase sessions will be organized in the course of the 3 days of the conference.


  • (5 minutes) A session lead (to be appointed by BEYOND 2020 Organising Committee) introduces the session topic and all presenters to the audience.
  • (5 x 13 minutes) case studies presentation including short Q&A
  • (20 minutes) discussion with the audience + recap by the session lead


The 2 breakout rooms dedicated to this session have a capacity (respectively) of maximum 130 and 260 people.


Architects, engineers, municipalities, housing companies, construction companies, material and technology providers and other sustainable building practitioners. If you have a concrete project/ best practice/ innovation example that can inspire and serve as an example to follow, apply to present at one of BEYOND 2020 showcase sessions*.

*Multi-partner and preferably international public-private-partnership or R&D projects that can provide input on a given topic from various stakeholders’ perspectives (and at least 4 different presenters) can apply to organize and host a whole showcase session (90 minutes). 


BEYOND 2020 Organising Committee is collecting proposals until 15th March 2020. Evaluation will roll continuously, and the best proposals will be admitted into the conference programme. If you wish to apply to host a showcase, please click here below, fill in the requested information and submit.