Do you have an idea on how to overcome existing sustainability barriers in the built environment? Let’s discuss it!


The purpose of a round table session is to discuss in a small group of relevant stakeholders how to overcome barriers or generate favorable framework conditions for the creation of a sustainable built environment. Topics of special interest are those related to building policies, regulations and standards, business models, leadership, education and training, sustainable financing. Other discussion-oriented suggestions are also welcome.
These roundtable discussions will address a specific question or challenge, introduced and described by the session host. In order for the discussions to remain focused, the host will also define a targeted discussion outcome and provide for a session moderator to steer the discussion (or be a moderator him/herself).

In total up to 14 round table sessions will be organized in the course of the 3 days of the conference.


The discussions will take place in small groups of max 20 participants (including the session host and moderator) in a roundtable/boardroom setting.

  • (15 minutes) a session host introduces the discussion topic and the targeted output.
  • (5 minutes) short session participant introduction.
  • (60 minutes) discussion focused on the specified question or challenge moderated by a session moderator.
  • (10 minutes) conclusions are drawn and shared live with the participants. Conclusions include: key-learnings, ideas on next steps, and even  “homework” (to dos, concrete actions).


Sustainable building practitioners/organizations with the necessary expertise and interest in existing barriers to a sustainable built environment being removed or favorable conditions being created. If you have the relevant expertise and feel comfortable in arranging (and possibly moderating) a high-level discussion with relevant stakeholders (ideally you should also be able to indicate what type of expertise you would need at the table to reach the targeted discussion outcome), you are more than welcome to apply.


BEYOND 2020 Organising Committee is collecting proposals until 15th March 2020. Evaluation will roll continuously, and the best proposals will be admitted into the conference programme. If you wish to apply to host a round table, please click here below, fill in the requested information and submit.