Angela Lamont will be BEYOND 2020 conference moderator.  

Angela is a highly experienced and professional presenter, with over 200 broadcast programmes and literally hundreds of conferences, award ceremonies and live events under her belt. From a corporate perspective, Angela specialises in presenting science, technology and engineering and she has a demonstrated ability to turn complex information into simple and engaging messages.

Her role at the conference will not only be that of being a connecting link between speakers, topics and things happening around. Angela will also make sure that your questions will get answered and most likely she will be the one helping you decide what you are going to think or say or do differently after participating in BEYOND 2020.

Read more about Angela on her website and watch her introductory video for BEYOND 2020.

We look forward to introducing you to her, here in Gothenburg next June 2020.
/BEYOND 2020 Organising Committee